Colette Haydon is a doctor in dermo-pharmacy whose built her career mixing formulas for some of the biggest names in skincare – she knows her stuff when it comes to great skin, and her creations are probably already in your bathroom cabinet. Her newly launched skincare brand, Lixir, is based around the philosophy that getting glowy, well cared for skin does not need to be complicated or cost you a fortune.

While Haydon has brought us a medley of hydrating night oils, its her universal good skin trio – made up of a mask, cleanser and moisturiser – that has caught our eye. The trio forms the heart of the range, and together they combat your everyday skin struggles and work to make things simple.

The Vitamin C Paste mask brightens dull and tired skin – leave it on for a couple of minutes while brushing your teeth in the morning and ta-dah grey, lifeless skin be gone! Next up is Haydon’s Electrogel Cleanser, it dissolves make up and dirt with it’s negatively charged Electrogel that attracts and eliminates positively charged toxins, giving your skin a deep detox. Use it in the morning, or to take your make up off at night. Finally, the Universal Emulsion – a cream that can be used as day moisturiser or night mask – acts as a shield to keep UV and pollutants out and keep it hydrated with molecular water.

Soft, dewy, effortless skin here we come.

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