Because even if you’re running late in the morning, this time-saving hair treatment will have your hair coiffed and clean in just four minutes. In the first of our How to Wash Your Hair series, we go back to basics with Mathieu Clabaux, hair stylist and the creative director of Onira Organics, with a simple at-home trick to save time in the shower. 

Hair treatments in general, and hair masks in particular, are often an ordeal – they require application to washed hair, hopping in and out of the bathroom, and a whole lot of waiting around. Instead of scrimping on conditioner and just giving your hair a token shampoo and rinse in the morning, Clabaux suggests a quick four-minute morning ritual using Onira Organics products that can be combined in a nifty shaker. Containing no sulphates or silicates, the natural products give nifty results.

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