Dior Cruise 2025 Scotland

Dior in Scotland

news | Jun 4, 2024

Dior's Cruise 2025 collection which honours romance, the Gothic era and tweed was revealed at Drummond Castle

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One must drive along a one-car lane through what feels to be a magical forest, with sheep and horses dotted along the hillsides that take you, finally, to the breathtaking Drummond Castle.

The castle comprises a tower house built in the late 15th century, and a 17th-century mansion, both of which were rebuilt in Victorian times. The gardens date to the 1630s, although they too were restructured in the 19th century and described by Historic Environment Scotland as "the best example of formal terraced gardens in Scotland." We concur. Spectacular topiary abounds there!

On a hit-the-jackpot clear blue sky, sunny evening (which was not expected in Scotland, to be honest, nor at a Dior show which has been cursed several years running with rain), these same gardens became the backdrop to Dior's creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Cruise 2025 fashion show.

Maria Grazia cleverly uses these Cruise shows as an excuse to work with "innovators" as she put it to the UK press during a show preview an hour before the collection was revealed in its full glory. She kicked off these collaborations in Marrakech a few years back, asking Grace Wales Bonner to interpret a silhouette (and that manifestation then sold out in its limited quantities!)

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This time, it was Samantha McCoach and her decade-old kilt brand, Le Kilt that worked with the Dior team to add authenticity to the folded skirts that abounded on the catwalk. But Maria Grazia also talked of visiting wool mills dotted around the Inner Hebrides with Johnstons of Elgin and visiting Harris Tweed to choose a fabric from their vast archives and create a new Dior colourway that came out – yellows and purples!

Dior mines its history to find links between the location and the Cruise shows – from Seville to Mexico City and now Perth, Scotland where Gleneagles held a charity fashion show with Dior back in 1955. So the alliance between the French House and Scotland are sound and served as an intriguing cornerstone for the atelier to continue to explore collaborative projects such as this.

The collection itself – part punk, part Mary Queen of Scots, part New Look – was a chic meander through counter-culture, the importance of embroidery and symbols as language. Velvet and lace, emblematic tartan, denim and T-shirts with studs created looks that we know the hundreds of VIP customers invited to the event left the gardens panting with anticipation.

The show proved to be not just a show but forged a narrative which harmoniously merged the past, present, and future throughout a garden that impressed. There's a reason why Dior resonates with so many, and Maria Grazia Chiuri's bold bet that designing for women who are "bossy, nags, fierce and emotional", the monikers embroidered into leather pieces in her show, meant that her tribe – rain or shine – will follow.

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