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Transient Objects with Omer Asim

What's on? | May 31, 2024

Omer Asim opens a new installation at TANK GPS in Central London 

Nurturing one's identity, long asserted by the Omer Asim brand through years of creating the very personal, is never-ending. Co-creative directors Omer Asim and Maya Antoun have spent the last decade developing a language that has been marked by a journey of beautiful, but often heartbreaking, dialogue between their roots in Sudan and London. Together Omer and Maya have dedicated their careers to crafting an archive of garments, objects and ephemera, which culminates in a new exhibition opening at TANK GPS titled Transient Objects on June 3rd for three days.

After presenting for the first time during London Men’s Fashion Week last year as part of the Qasimi Rising support initiative, this new chapter for the brand seeks to reinforce its core principles and silhouettes, but in a different idiom. 

The exhibition will be underpinned by three fundamental pillars – "Pleats," the "Gilet" and the "One Piece," the latter of which will zoom into focus in the new installation. Omer Asim's 'One Piece' is based on the four-and-a-half metres of fabric that make up the Sudanese Toub, seminally made to revert to its original length when unstitched, a sustainable design long before it was a buzzword. 

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The installation will come to and end with a private, live performance by the brand’s new collaborator Scarlett Rouge on the 5th of June. Transient Objects kickstarts a series of nomadic events that will unfold over the next two years, and we urge you to come visit to experience a world that brings past, left behind, but very much in the present, together. 

The exhibition is open to the public from 10:00 - 18:00 on the 3rd-5th of June at TANK GPS, 91-93 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7NX

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