Issey Miyake

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book club | Apr 30, 2024

Taschen's latest publication delves into the extraordinary legacy of Issey Miyake, unveiling the profound impact of his visionary approach to fashion. Authored with meticulous detail, this definitive history traces Miyake's groundbreaking journey from 1960 to 2022, documenting his unparalleled creativity and technical innovations.

Spearheaded by Midori Kitamura, chairman of the Miyake Design Studio and a stalwart collaborator with Miyake for over four decades, the book offers unparalleled insights into the designer's ethos and daring experimentation. Readers will explore Miyake's iconic creations, from his revolutionary pleats to his exploration of new materials, all presented in an encyclopedic format that serves as both a tribute and an invaluable reference for fashion enthusiasts and scholars alike.

One of the key reasons for his prominence was his groundbreaking use of technology and materials. Miyake pioneered techniques such as pleating, which allowed for garments to be wrinkle-resistant, easy to care for, and adaptable to various body shapes.

His exploration of unconventional materials, such as polyester, and his experimentation with new fabric treatments, garnered attention for their avant-garde and futuristic qualities.

Moreover, Miyake's designs embodied a fusion of Eastern and Western influences, reflecting his multicultural background and unique perspective. His creations were characterised by their fluidity, simplicity, and functionality, resonating with a global audience seeking clothing that transcended cultural boundaries.

With rich imagery and compelling narrative, this publication celebrates Miyake's enduring influence on the fashion landscape, ensuring his legacy continues to inspire generations to come.

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