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A Scent for Solstice

Niche perfumer Ffern's Summer 24 fragrance is an ode to Italy

Beauty | Jun 21, 2024

A new scent inspired by the Tuscan Hills celebrates London's enduring Italian heritage

Text by Augustine Hammond

Inspired by the sun-drenched landscapes of Tuscany, niche perfumer Ffern has launched its latest fragrance for Summer 2024. Transporting wearers to the rolling hills of Italy in just a few spritzes, the scent blends spicy red champaca, zesty blood orange, earthy nutmeg, and sweet hay, to capture the essence of a balmy Italian summer.

Ffern, renowned for its artisanal approach to fragrance, has always drawn impulse from nature and culture, creating scents that tell stories and evoke memories. Each season, the brand meticulously crafts a limited-edition fragrance, released in small batches and accompanied by a film that embodies the spirit of the scent.

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To bring this season’s olfactory tale to life, Ffern turned their creative lens to one of London's hidden gems – Casa Italiana San Vincenzo Pallotti, affectionately known as “The Club”. In the heart of Clerkenwell's Little Italy, The Club has been a hub for London's Italian community since the 1960s.

Over the years, Casa Italiana has transformed from a mere social club into a cultural centre. It now hosts various gatherings to celebrate and preserve Italian heritage, cuisine, language, and traditions. Here, generations gather to break bread, drink wine and share stories, music, and dance. 

As one of London's oldest surviving Italian social clubs, the institution embodies the enduring spirit of Italy. Yet, like many community spaces, the beloved venue is now facing the threat of closure and has initiated a fundraising campaign to secure its future.

In support of this cherished space, Ffern's Summer 24 fragrance launch is accompanied by a short film showcasing The Club's spirited atmosphere, raising awareness for the cause and also taking actionable steps to support The Club with a sizeable donation.

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“We are deeply moved by the history and community spirit of Casa Italiana San Vincenzo Pallotti,” said Ffern's. “Through our Summer 24 fragrance and film, we aim to shine a light on this invaluable institution and contribute to its preservation.”

As Ffern continues to expertly intertwine fragrance with storytelling, the Summer 24 launch is a testament to the power of scent in evoking memories and fostering connections. This initiative not only highlights the beauty of the place which inspired the scent but honours a vital piece of London's cultural mosaic, ensuring that The Club's legacy endures for future generations to come.