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Female Founded: 100mL

Because meets... Kate Cervini

Female Founded | Feb 13, 2024

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We are all aware that the beauty industry is vast and varied. With TikTok fads and new lotions and potions landing every five minutes, finding the perfect products that cater to our unique needs can feel like a daunting task already, let alone when you're constantly on the move.

Enter 100mL, a fresh concept that's changing the way we approach skincare and self-care while on the go! Gone are the days of cramming your belongings into plastic baggies, decanting dregs of your favourite moisturiser into a travel-friendly tub, or sacrificing your rigid routine for generic sub-100ml drug store products, that won't get commandeered at the security gates, while the annoying liquid limit remains in place.

Because had the opportunity to sit down with the 100mL to learn more about their journey so far and what sets them apart…

“When I came up with the concept, I started by writing down a list of brands that I thought would be great for travel,” shares the founder of 100mL, Kate Cervini. “We focus on brands that are very well received by the consumer, but we also wanted to bring in some more niche brands that were offering something different.”

Now, with an impressive lineup of 18 brands spanning skincare, dental, haircare, and sexual wellness, 100mL has secured partnerships with MaudeAesop and Grown Alchemist, to name a few. “We believe this is a great way for people to test out the product before they invest in the full-size versions,” Kate explains. The miniatures can then be topped up and kept in a tidy translucent travel case, ready for loading onto the security conveyor belt.

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The brand's clever curation features bestselling pouches, such as the Airplane Mode, designed to keep travellers hydrated and refreshed throughout their journey, or the Frequent Flyer, which Kate describes as “a great pouch for the price point and it’s amazing for maintaining a routine.”

But don't be fooled, 100mL doesn't just deal with skincare they're also celebrating all forms of self-care on the go. “One of our other exciting pouches is the Mile High Club,” she shares with a grin. “It’s a fun pouch for yourself or of course as a couple. Maude was the first brand that came on and I have so much respect for Éva, the founder.”

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Aside from its curated pouches, 100mL is a one-stop online shopping destination for travel-size beauty and wellness products, where you can top-up on your essentials ahead of time without having to worry about a last-minute dash to Boots before catching a flight. 

Sustainability is also a key focus for 100mL, with plans for a recyclable program for its community and a commitment to reducing waste in the beauty industry. “The entire idea behind test buying is to encourage sustainability within this sector,” she says. “Also our pouches are made out of TPU plastic meaning it’s fully biodegradable and of course, you can reuse it multiple times.”

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Looking forward, 100mL has big plans for expansion and collaboration. “We’re going to be launching four new pouches this year, and we’re looking to bring on some new brands and really promote the high travel season,” says Kate. 

With a commitment to convenience and the planet, 100mL is ready to change the way we think about beauty on the go. Whether you're a frequent flyer or a weekend explorer, their curated pouches are sure to become your new travel essential.