When Palle Bruun Rasmussen launched RVLT/Revolution in Denmark in 1995, the idea was straightforward – to create practical menswear with minimal fuss or unnecessary detail. Now he’s applying the same principle of total simplicity to a new brand for women, Selfhood. : “We feel lucky enough to have thrived in this area of menswear for more than twenty years so the step felt quite natural to us,” says Rasmussen. But instead of going a typical route of creating a full collection, the new brand named launches through 25 different styles of jackets. “It was refreshing to focus purely upon one product for the launch because this meant we could really dive deeply into a variety of great ideas, and not leave too many behind like you have to when designing a full collection.”

The jackets vary in style, length and fabric, but they all share the same no-nonsense attitude. A belted 3/4-sleeved trenchcoat is that perfectly chic spring jacket that makes a pair of jeans instantly smarter, while the menswear-inspired denim jacket just craves to be worn over a mini dress.  And that utilitarian spirit is what ties the pieces together, softened through the combination of shapes, form and choice of fabrication. Our favourite? The ivory corduroy safari/moto hybrid jacket that lends itself to any day-to-night look you can imagine.

Selfhood is a new player in the game of womenswear, and a trailblazer of sorts. Their first capsule collection is on the intersection of many roads. Womenswear, menswear, streetwear, high fashion and high-street, all coming together in that perfectly effortless Nordic way. Now, let’s find the trousers to match...

Selfhood is available from Cara Stores with prices of jackets starting at £110.

Text by Dino Bonacic