Mention Antonio Lopez and Kenzo in the same breath and a whole world opens up. We are transported to Le Palace in 1978, a decadent place of excess and pure illicit joy filled with disco music, Jerry Hall, Pat Cleveland (before Anna was even a twinkle of stardust in her eye) Grace Jones, La Vie en Rose – and waitress outfits dreamed up by Thierry Mugler. If you were part of the in crowd, you were there. And of course, the legendary fashion illustrator and party lover Antonio Lopez was a regular alongside the Japanese designer Kenzo. If only we could step back in time, just for one night. And if we did we would be sure to take this camera bag (complete with a Polaroid camera to capture the moment), a homage to those heady days.

The Kenzo Antonio Lopez small camera bag is available from at £145.

Text by Tamsin Blanchard