As a society, we’ve lost the plot. Malone Souliers, the brand known for their elegant, evening-appropriate shoes has decided to further their story into a new, more political moment that feels perfectly in-tune with the current affairs section in your daily newspaper. For Mary-Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt, it’s not about just shoes anymore.

Ayahuasca, AZ is an 8-minute video (a preview of which you can see above) that explores the feelings of solitude, tension and stillness as a visual ode to everything that is wrong in the world. Directed and shot by Dani Girdwood & Charlotte Fassler for Malone Souliers, the film is a poetic interpretation of the Arizonan desert to the soundtrack of a reading of William Butler Yeats’ The Second Coming. The result is a beautifully told story full of hope, gratitude and great shoes proving that fashion film doesn’t have to be meaningless and that shoes can tell a story beyond their looks.

Even though they claim the plot has been lost, the talent of Malone, Luwolt and the Malone Souliers team – like that of many of those leading the fashion industry forward – are putting the next chapters together. And we’re looking forward to seeing it.

Watch the full version of Ayahuasca, AZ at

Text by Dino Bonacic