Emily and Maria want to make things. And so they head to Machines Room in Cambridge Heath, because they know they can make just about anything there – this space is prized for its vast range of equipment that enables extra ambitious DIY projects to come to fruition.

Owned by the cultural innovation hub of Lime Wharf, Machines Room is a Maker Space with a design and technology suite that even has its own 3D printer (fancy!). Based in a large, floodlit warehouse, it is furnished with all manner of creations made by members’ past – lots of geometric seats in wood or primary-coloured plastics.

True to the Maker Space manifesto, the studio functions as a centre for growing ideas, experiments and technologies; it hosts workshops for beginners and up, exhibitions, talks, think-tank gatherings, and a library full of manuals and sci-fi literature.

Emily makes a chair! She does this wearing clothes with deconstruction details by Faustine Steinmetz and Nicole Farhi. We like Faustine Steinmetz’s approach to design, as she brings together handcrafted and technological processes with true Maker spirit.

Maria makes a ring! She does this wearing a pair of Suno jeans and a Frame Denim T-shirt. Très pratique!

Finally, here’s a place to don utilitarian chic with true purpose. Head to Machines Room and chase the satisfaction gained from turning a vague idea into a concrete (or, more likely, wood, metal or acrylic) reality.

For more information, visit the Machines Room website.