“Sketchy and quite free,” says fashion illustrator Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan when asked to describe her style. “It’s a sort of instantaneous reaction.” And true to form, it was this bold, direct approach that also got her a place at London College of Fashion’s Fashion Illustration course – at just 16 years of age.

Now 19 years old and in her third year at the school, Morgan fondly recalls her somewhat impulsive decision to apply. “I was in London for a weekend and I saw the LCF site at John Princes Street. I immediately fell in love with the idea of going to fashion college,” she says. “I went into the interview thinking I wouldn’t get in. And then I got a place!”



While her illustrations have attracted an illustrious list of clients, including Swarovski, Harrods and Paul Smith, it’s the live illustrations of catwalk shows that really get her heart pounding. “I think drawing live is such an old school thing and it relates to how fashion shows used to be,” she says, citing David Downton and Bil Donovan as her artistic heroes. “When you draw live, you capture so much more than drawing from a picture. You don’t have to process how the arm is looking … you understand the body so much more when you’re there looking at it in person.”

A couple of seasons ago, Morgan had a chance meeting with Downton, which influenced how she approaches the profession greatly. “He used to do illustrations for pizza companies and worked his way up, never realising that he’d get into fashion.”



For this, her second year doing live fashion illustrations at the catwalk shows, Morgan will be bringing her unique take on London Fashion Week direct to Because, as she takes over our Instagram account for the week. Watch out for her illustrations from tomorrow until next Tuesday at @becausemagazine.

Interview by Jainnie Cho