London is well-known for its museums and galleries. We’re truly spoilt for choice but amongst the heavy-hitters and the world renowned locations, there's still some unexpected places to frequent. 

Enter Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History. Described as an ‘incoherent vision of the world displayed through wonder enclosed within a tiny space,’ it can be found in Hackney and is stuffed full of everything and anything. Don’t underestimate the sheer bizarre variety of items on display from dodo bones, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, a two headed lamb, and trays of bat skulls.

A year old next month, the museum was launched after an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign by collector and curator, Wynd. Housed by the Last Tuesday Society, it claims to be the first all encompassing museum in the city since the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill in 1901. The museum has no point, purpose or order, but where else can you see Napoleon’s death mask next to narwhal tusks? Sometimes a little chaos is exactly what's needed.

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Text by Prudence Wade

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