The pressure is mounting to find the most sensational party dress. That show-stopping number that will not elicit a raised eyebrow from the boss at your Christmas party and will prompt oohing and ahhing from friends, family and colleagues. Where, oh where do you find that holy grail? At Christopher Kane.


Made from tulle just sheer enough to be sexy, flocked with black roses for a dose of drama and with a hemline long enough to be demure, Kane’s dress will be the belle of the ball. Even after the crackers have been pulled and the New Years champagne has been guzzled.


Though pretty in purple, its leather piping and dark velvet flowers allude to the designer’s subversive inspiration; this is Kane after all. Last collection’s iridescent floral dresses were based on the bedrooms of council estate girls while this season’s collection plays with themes taken from Al Pacino’s gay-serial-killer thriller, Cruising. Like the very best of his kind, Kane takes the most unglamorous and unappealing subjects – in this case the sleazy side of a New York subculture and murder – and transforms them into objects of affection you would sell everything else in the wardrobe for.