We've seen the sheer trend come in all its hazy, delicate glory for summer but Ann Sofie Back's interpretation takes it to the monasteries in the north with austere, sheer shapes. Gone are the soft, pretty-pretty, floating dresses: in are the clean stripes of the shirt and a pure white skirt inspired by Back's curiosity over Scandinavian religion, conformity and stripping away identity. The neck is high, the hem is long and the clothes are crisp with just the shape of a frosted body beneath winking to a subtle kind of sexiness.


Alongside these holy aesthetics, the large folds and creases in the shirt were designed to look like freshly pressed tablecloths. Laying the table and God are two curious starting points that make for a look that we're twitching to pull on for summer, a fresh alternative to the cut offs and tank tops that prevail every year. And there in the the midst of Back's chiffons are the Rocha shoes. Counterbalancing the seriousness of the skirt and top, these shoes are the wild streak, the shoes to be worn to late night discos shuffling across lit up dance floors. Divine inspiration and disco - a winning combination.

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