With a rather uncanny resemblance with her bob and the knee high socks it's no great surprise to hear that student Ella sites Alexa Chung as her ultimate stylish gal. She channels the same type of girly aesthetic as the presenter. Her giant ear like bow makes her look like a little kitten and her bold red dress is a welcome splash of colour. But Ella's not just a snappy dresser, she's also a blogger and is studying fashion.


Because: Who is your style icon?

Ella: I really like Alexa Chung and Anna Dello Russo.


What would be your fancy dress costume of choice?

Maybe a Tudor, with all the velvet and corsets.


What have you been doing this summer?

I went to NYC for fashion week and took a holiday to Paris.


Ella is wearing:

Zara blazer

Topshop shoes

Marc Jacobs bag

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