Spanish blogger Gala Gonzalez of, brings her eclectic and chic approach to dressing to the streets of London. We like her relaxed floaty maxi and camel coloured blazer. Gala is no stranger to turning out some super hot outfits - she does it daily for an avid audience. Though you could give this girl a bin bag and she'll still work it.


Because: What is your favorite brand?

Gala: I think it would have to be Marni, because it's designed for a practical woman but it's also quite edgy, comfortable and sexy. So it combines all one's needs.


What is your biggest fear?

Heights and planes! I freak out when I get on a plane.


Who's your style icon?

Anita Pallenberg, because for me she was the first IT girl, the groupie who hung out with the cool crowd and had all sorts of rock and roll and gorgeous thing happening.


Gala is wearing:

Vintage belt

Pedro Garcia shoes

All other clothes are Antipodium