Because there’s something special about great lingerie, and with a new dawn of brands bringing a fresh perspective on luxury undergarments, the options are limitless. Taking lingerie into new contemporary grounds, where all needs and body types are welcome, we talk to Marieyat, Aimee and LÖV to find out how they are helping women to feel gorgeous, in control and fashionable before they even put their clothes on.

Marieyat, London

Founded by Marie Yat, Marieyat creates modern designs with an emphasis on versatility. Based in London but consciously produced in China, Marieyat’s seamless ribbed knitwear is made using natural cotton and silk. “I started working with a factory back home in China that does seamless knitwear, so that there are no visual lines underneath the clothes,” Yat tells us. Inspired by Japanese freedivers, their designs are cool and innovative and go against the grain of traditional lacy minimal lingerie.

“Mainly inspired by the women around us, we wanted to give another option to underwear. From the design and also the imagery that we try to portray in our lookbook, we always use real people. Not just for the sake of it but because we know them. They have a stand out personality. They are themselves,” Yat told us.

The latest collection of underwear comes in an array of flattering colours from warm orange to deep blue and the brand’s  ‘gentle and uncompromising’ ethos resonates with those longing for alternative shapes, styles and textures. Creatively constructed and made to feel like a second skin, Marieyat’s soft and flexible pieces are the closest you’ll get to nakedness!

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Aimée, London

Produced and manufactured in France to the highest standard, premium lingerie brand Aimée has a contemporary vision at it’s heart. Founded just last year by Central Saint Martins alumni Aimée McWilliams and design director Simon Paul Benton, the luxury brand aims to appeal to the independent, sensual woman who knows her body and her mind. “If you strip back to the essence of everything I have ever designed, there are core qualities that both seduce in terms of materialisation but empower in terms of cut. This duality plays a key role in this product category and allows us to lay the foundations of what will become a larger philosophy across many product categories as we expand,”  McWilliams tells us as she discusses the story behind the brand.

Playing up the inherent passionate nature of lingerie, attention to detail and intricacy is an important component of the designs. “I think my training in ready-to-wear and couture allows the design process to be diverse and rich. I don’t start with materials or lingerie techniques, in fact quite the opposite. I art direct a vision that is more cinematic and lifestyle orientated before I get anywhere near the design details,” McWilliams explains. It’s clear to see that luxury and the female form is at the forefront, and the collection features a selection of undergarments that are equally sexual and artistic and will make anyone woman feel like a million bucks.

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LÖV, Austria

Reshaping the meaning of ‘sexy’, Austria based brand LÖV produces organically made underwear designed to make women feel empowered. “We want to support women through personal style and comfort to be able to go after their dreams without distractions. We want LÖV to serve as a sort of under armor for every occasion in a woman's life,” Maike Lüdenbach, the founder of the brand tells us.  

Their ‘Womanifesto’ is all about portraying women’s bodies in a genuine and positive way. The undergarments are made by a small family run business that produce each piece with love and care. “I design the pieces and then work with local artisans on the development of each piece until it goes through a rigorous " trying on " phase in which every woman who passes through the doors of the open community atelier we work with tries on a set. Like this, we get a broad perspective of fit and sizing,” Lüdenbach explains. This confident and youthful brand uses certified fabrics and all the accessories are nickel free. A perfect choice for the everyday gal running errands or heading to an important meeting. With LÖV comfort wins but flair comes in at a close second.

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Text by Kadish Morris