It’s appropriate that’s Aries’ latest record is outfitted so beautifully – the music belongs to a world seemingly shot through an Instagram filter: sunny, glossy and presenting a reality in which everyone within is having a blast. Because loves this third album from the Spanish electronic artist, entitled Adieu or Die, out just last month and pressed onto an irresistibly pretty, purple vinyl.

For all its overt floatiness, the album is surprisingly built upon a narrative of despair. Describing its original backstory, the artist behind Aries, Isabel Fernández Reviriego, says, “someone disintegrates, while the world disintegrates around him or her.” But this story is told with a certain childlike innocence and sweetness that feels optimistic. Our favourite song is the 11-minute title song that closes the album. An instrumental track, it features shimmery, rippling synth that casts us adrift to tropical coasts.

Take a listen to the album's single, “Nieve de Noche”, below.

Adieu or Die by Aries is out now via La Castanya. Buy the limited edition "grimace purple" vinyl on Bandcamp.