Of Desire, the latest offering from partners and collaborators Kat Day and Nicholas Wood, was released last month. Motorik, industrial, minimal, their new album sees their music delving deeper into the darkwave genre – the couple relocated from London to Berlin two years ago and its clearly had an effect.

As its title suggests, Of Desire is quietly fetishistic; darkly romantic in mood and immediate in its urgent percussion. Listening to it feels a bit like observing an underground Berlin club in slow motion.

For the most part, the sound has that Unknown Pleasures kind of hollowness. Day’s synth is metallic and icy in contrast to the woolly, fuzzy low-end of Wood’s guitar.

But the moodiness can’t disguise the unmissable catchiness of many of the melodies. It’s easy to fall victim to the synth-led riffs of opener “White Walls”, and third song “Never Enough”, both oddly uplifting amidst the Heathcliff brooding of it all. And the album’s first single “In Deep” isn’t too far from The Horror’s more accessible hits, and works as a great induction to the band's more esoteric material.

Watch the video for the album's first single "In Deep" below.

The KVB’s Of Desire is available online at HMV.