Fans of Björk and Grimes will be easy converts to the Icelandic trio Samaris, finding sanctuary in the silvery vocals, the layers of synth, and the reverb-ed clarinet sounds that bleep and decay in the dark sound-space like underwater sonars. 

The band's latest single, "Wanted 2 Say", is a taster from their soon-to-be released album Black Lights (out 10 June). It moves away from their hitherto super Icelandic identity: most obviously with it being the band’s first foray into English lyrics. While Silkidrangar, their critically acclaimed album from 2011, was marked by its novelty of reciting old Icelandic poetry against its D’n’B sound, the new proposal is slightly simpler, and in many ways, more accessible.

A remix by Reykjavik-based artists Gervisykur has also been released, a more chilled and bleary retelling of the titular track. Listen to it here and watch the music video for "Wanted 2 Say" below.

“Wanted 2 Say” is the first single from Samaris’ forthcoming album Black Lights. The album is due to be released 10 June.

Text by Kinza Shenn