Anne de Vries, a Dutch artist who works between Amsterdam, Berlin, and across a variety of digital practices, is currently in London presenting his latest show, SUBMISSION, at Hackney’s Cell Project Space. It’s a beautiful space set in a loft behind Cambridge Heath Road. If you’ve never been, now’s the time.

Universality is a key aspect of de Vries’ work and this exhibition goes deep into the language that defines internationalism. How does technology affect the way we experience realities? This is what de Vries’ work is about (in one aspect, at least). His works are simple to take in, but are deceptively complex. He uses sculpture, installation, video, programming, 3D and digital printing to explore narrative and form. If pop art were a thing today, de Vries’ work is its paradigm.

SUBMISSION starts with this idea of "pluralist culture" – take that to mean anything from architecture to interior design to club nights to mobile technology; any experience that is at once individual and collective. The artist interprets this language of pluralism as a high-octane affect and introduces it to concepts of psychology and sensuality, and ends up in a place of heightened awareness. In this hyper-connected world – this technological utopia – our individual senses, our thoughts, our perceptions suddenly all become intertwined into one.

Anne de Vries: SUBMISSION is at Cell Project Space until 24 January.