Bundick is known for his chillwave pop, which sounds as if a Hall & Oates cassette had been left to bake in a hot car. But as “EDM” fever swept the US in recent years, Bundick made his own forays onto the dance floor, culminating in an album, Michael, under the name Les Sins. 

As it turned out, Bundick was pretty good at disco too: his throwback gems were every bit as gooey and delectable as his pop efforts. Still, it’s nice to see him back on home turf with a new album, What For?, with his old alias Toro Y Moi. 

Lead track "Empty Nesters" ditches the machines in favour of good old-fashioned guitars and drums. If anything, it ventures even deeper into garage-rock’s homely basement than Bundick has before; it's his attempt, perhaps, to revive the slacker stylings of Pavement. Funnily enough, he’s pretty good at that, too. 

What For? is due out via Carpark Records on 7th April.

Listen: "Empty Nesters"