Of course, Yorke’s band Radiohead are no strangers to controversy. But in this case the debate had nothing to do with the music itself.

As the album’s title, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, suggests, this was Yorke’s attempt to propose a radical new mode of distribution, bypassing major labels and dubious partnerships with streaming services like Spotify. His solution was the BitTorrent bundle, a paid-for download from a service more commonly associated with music piracy.

Yorke’s critics were quick to point out that he wasn’t the first to attempt such a release, and that artists without his high profile were unlikely to net similar profits from such a scheme (some estimates put Yorke’s takings in the millions). Still, the indie auteur is at it again with "Youwouldn’tlikemewhenI’mangry", a one-off track available as a pay-what-you-like Bandcamp download which, in Yorke’s words, “continues” his “experiment” with different release formats.

Doubtless this claim will enrage diehard Bandcamp users all over again – but don’t let that perturb you. However you get ahold of it, this dewy-eyed, synthetic ballad is one of the prettiest things Yorke’s released in ages. 

"Youwoudn’tlikemewhenI’mangry" is out now.