Portable's "Surrender" was one such release. Its arrival back in November was met with little fanfare – after all, it was just another missive from Berlin-based South African Alan Abrahams, who has recorded extensively as both Portable and Bodycode. As it happens, though, his brand of heartfelt pop-house has rarely sounded so exquisite.

Key to this is Abrahams’ voice, an unusually rich baritone unafraid to show its amateurishness. Combined with gently lilting percussion and artless daubs of piano and flute, the effect is naive, but charmingly so – a quality well-suited to Abrahams’ winsome seduction patter. “Let’s go to the movies, get a coffee, you need to know me,” he sings, and you’re with him all the way.

"Surrender" is out now via Live At Robert Johnson