2013‘s Thinking About Thinking EP announced the singer’s return to the limelight following a late-aughts career as the folksy Blue Roses. It also marked a change in direction, towards a kind of synthetic pop under the aegis of young London label DEEK.  

Since then, DEEK has released just one other record, though it did a good job of crystallising the label’s vision. Navy Blue by super-group Nautic – featuring Groves alongside Tic Zogson of Young Turks and DEEK boss Nathan Jenkins – showcased a deluxe, 80s-tinged vision for pop, not afraid of complexity and luscious production flourishes.

This approach shines through on Groves’ new EP. Held next to the wintry Thinking About Thinking, it’s a richer, more diverse collection, showing that Groves’ songwriting and production chops have come on leaps and bounds. Lead track "Dream Story" might be the best of the lot, its Joni Mitchell-esque intro giving way to a wistful synth anthem which stays on the mind long after it’s over. In a just world, Groves’ 2015 will be huge.  

Committed Language is due out via DEEK on 16 February.