They’re one of its more successful proponents, too, though so far the critical praise to match their ranks of teen fans has proved elusive. The duo’s 2012 debut album, Shrines, positioned them as a little more saccharine than the likes of Blue Hawaii, and lacking the dazzling idiosyncracy of Grimes. What they were, however, was fine popsmiths; their fusion of sugary indie-pop and contemporary electronica was rendered with cool, pristine clarity.

Combined with a knack for stadium-sized romanticism, the band’s closest cousin was perhaps Chvrches - though they had a way to go before matching the Glasgow group’s soaring pop heights. Judging by new track ‘Push Pull’, this is a shortcoming which the duo’s forthcoming second album will seek to rectify. The track finds Purity Ring at their catchiest and their most affecting; if the critics disagree, then that’s their loss.

‘Push Pull is out now. 


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