It’s Friday morning and I’m trying to decide whether to go out or stay in this weekend.  A quick look on the Internet tells me that there’s nothing massively exciting happening outdoors – or at least nothing that won’t be able to wait.  In the meantime, I think I’ll just stay on the web, I’m sure I can find something interesting on here.


The Gallery of Lost Art is a online gallery created in collaboration between Tate and Channel 4 that launched in the summer.  With ‘rooms’ that include Attacked, Destroyed, Discarded, Ephemeral, Erased, Missing, Rejected, Stolen, Transient and Unrealised, this is a museum all about how the work of art (usually deemed to be an object for the ages) can be just as temporary as the day’s news.


Users are presented with the complete set of images and information across a number of panels and pages.  The effect is similar to being gently guided through an overtly curated exhibition.  The design, though clearly lifted from the Lars von Trier film Dogville and the theatre of Bertholt Brecht, is engaging.  The impermanence of each work in question can be interrogated thoroughly, but debate is the cornerstone of contemporary art.  The Gallery of Lost Art has it in spades.  I’m not sure just how much I like it yet, but it’s enough to know that I’ve got all weekend to find out.


The Gallery of Lost Art is online until 03 July 2013.