Drumrolls! And fanfare please! The vaudevillian, Smithsonian, treasure trove of relic and artisanal objet d'art returns for its fourth incarnation! The Museum of Everything is back for 2011. Hosted in this exposition by Selfridges, the roster of artists and studios is far too large for me to recite here by rote but includes such names as Josef Hoser, Kenya Hanley, Kunstholen, Incurve, Hiko and La Hesse.


And gallery, exhibition and exposition notwithstanding, we have presented for us extra-curricular events and workshops, together with Action Space - London's leading arts organisation for people with learning disabilities. Completely free and open to all adults with developmental or other disabilities, this is art-as-extravaganza. Spectacles abound, text does not do it justice. See it for yourself and wonder galore!


The Museum of Everything is at Selfridges until 25 October.