PUBLICSFEAR brings together a selection of the film, video and sound works made by the artistic duo Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard over the past seven years.  Primarily known for their exploration of the relationship between music, sound and the audience, the pieces selected for this show at South London Gallery are underpinned by what it means to be an observer to the performance.


Works range from File under Sacred Music, the artists' meticulous remake in 2003 of The Cramps' 1978 bootleg video of their live performance for a group of patients at the Napa State Mental Institute, through to the film Performer. Audience. F*** Off, 2009, in which we witness the often hilarious and occasionally uncomfortable impact on the audience of a stand-up comedian drawing attention to individuals within the group.


Showing here for the first time in London is Silent Sound (2006).  Bringing the focus to the audience themselves, the awareness of their own position - potential targets for manipulation, subliminal messaging or jest, this is a wonderfully funny, immersive and powerful experience by two of the UK's most entertaining artists.  They should have been rock 'n' roll stars, sure, but I wouldn't swap them as artists for anything in the world.


PUBLISCFEAR is at South London Gallery from 04 February to 18 March 2011.