Because cabaret act Bourgeois & Maurice combines the decadence of the Weimar music-hall with catwalk debauchery and Hollywood horror. Georgeois Bourgeois and Maurice Maurice claim that they visited another dimension when they were children, and now they want to return to this other world with their audience. But not before insulting everybody through cruel songs, mocking stories and inappropriate films that celebrate society's ills and insecurities. They sing of paedophiles on every corner and psychopaths who only eat organic food, blending pop hooks with sociopathic lyrics. The song "Don't go to art school" warns, "They'll rob you blind, they'll kill your dad, and decorate his body bag." Bourgeois - who has four years' experience of pretending to be a terrifying lunatic at horror attractions like the London Dungeon - takes the lead singing role, accompanied by Maurice on piano and backing vocals. Bourgeois & Maurice recently released an album, Musical Couture, and collaborated on a dance track with tech-house producers Joe and Will Ask?, but is most notorious for its live shows. The scathing cabaret act has graced the stages of legendary (but now-defunct) new rave night FOR3IGN!, the Edinburgh Fringe and the Royal Opera House, and this summer it returns to London with a second full-length show at the Soho Theatre, Shedding Skin. The production features glamorous technicolour costumes by Julian J Smith, whose designs usually adorn celebrities from Alison Goldfrapp to Victoria Beckham, and Gary Reich directs. Reich is best-known for co-directing 2009's shocking comedy show Kim Noble Will Die - a multimedia journal of Noble's suicidal impulses which included footage of the comedian masturbating, self-harming and being urinated on in the street - and is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of bad taste. This seems appropriate, given Bourgeois & Maurice's motto: "Don't let the dull people claim your life today."