Because there’s a new perfume brand in town and it’s inspired by the wonders of traditional Japan. Haiku, Ikebana, tea ceremonies and the art of Zen – the perfume couple extraordinaire Clara and John Molloy (founders and creative directors of Memo Paris) bottled up their Eastern inspirations and, in collaboration with perfumers Aliénor Massenet and Sophie Labbé, created 11 very different luxury fragrances suitably named Floraïku.

Enigmatic Flowers, Forbidden Incense, Secret Teas and Spices, and Shadowing are the four lines within the collections distinguishable through four different bottle colours (dark red, navy, black and white) with each of the bottles in the collection featuring unique bottle cap design referencing traditional Ukiyo-e artists like Hokusai and Hiroshige. Packaged in the most luxurious version of a bento box, each of the Floraïku perfumes comes with its own poem (written on the back of the bottle) as well as a travel-sized bottle – in true Japanese style the painted bottle cap transforms into luxury travel packaging. Our favourite from the collection? The unique blend of floral and woody scents in Cricket Song tells a story of a warm summer night with a mix of magnolia and bergamot oils and an earthy vetiver base.

Its Haiku evokes that scented tale:

Walking in the darkness

A cricket song

How torrid the heat is!

The poem continues in a fashion direction as we imagine the stunning 1970s singer and actress Meiko Kaji bathed in Floraïku’s Cricket Song, walking up the Fushimi Inari temple in Kyoto, dressed in a mix of Japanese designers and those influenced by the Land of the Rising Sun. Kaji wears a Kenzo sportswear-inspired skirt and her A.W.A.K.E. wrap top under the statement Junya Watanabe patchwork denim jacket, a pair of Yohji Yamamoto sunglasses and some walking-ready Jimmy Choo lace-up sandals. Her favourite book of Haiku by Shiki Masaoka is safely tucked in her Issey Miyake cross-body bag with her 18k gold Gucci bamboo bangle evoking the spirit of treasure in an ancient culture that is Japan.

But you don’t need to book your ticket to Kyoto to experience this spiritual, Zen adventure. A couple of sprays of the Cricket Song will do just fine.

Shop the Floraïku Cricket Song in the Harrods' Salon de Parfums, Floor 7, 87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL and at for £250 (50ml bottle with a 10ml travel refill).

Text by Dino Bonacic