“Who needs a lip pencil?” said lots of women, many times. So think of lip pencils like you think of fish oil: you can manage without but you’ll be so much better with – you’ll be more in control, more intelligent. Linda Rodin – queen of the bold lip – has added a new line of lip pencils to her Rodin range. Matching the existing five shades of bright lipstick – red, nude-pink, orange, fuchsia and purple – these wooden pencils are enriched with Rodin’s signature blend of jasmine and neroli oil. And lip pencil doesn’t have to be about precision, it’s also about durability: either line the lips or colour in the whole of the lips with as close a shade to your desired lipstick and we can guarantee your colour will last longer, without bleeding over the edges of the lip. Or for less of a bold take, just wear the lip pencil all over the lips alone and finish with a slick of lip balm. These cool and contemporary flatter every skin tone. Go on: take your vitamins, wear your lip pencil.

Rodin lip pencils, £25 each, are available at Liberty.