The beauty rulebook has been torn up: sterile, white packaging no longer signifies joyless, pharmacy-grade products and organic natural pomades are no longer only sold in hand-woven jute parcels. As we think of the bathroom as less functional and more of a destination in itself, cosmetics brands are harnessing the power of good packaging with quality ingredients to make display-worthy and fine smelling products. Which is precisely what La Eva, the brand-new Oxfordshire-based soap and lotion line, is doing as it launches this month with a capsule collection of bathroom-cabinet candy.

Founded by Louisa Canham, a psychologist turned soapmaker, the products are vegan and Soil Association certified organic. The chunky bottles fuse brown glassware reminiscent of traditional apothecaries with modern lettering; and the two fragrance lines Roseum and Blu are denoted with tonal labels designed by the painter Rose-Marie Caldecott. Born from Canham’s stressful job and interest in wellbeing, these are natural feel-good fragrances that are far from overpowering, drying or synthetic. Roseum contains geranium rose, clove and petitgrain which smells fresh and floral, while Blu had chamomile, vetiver and cedarwood for a greener scent.

La Eva is a portmanteau term that combines “eva” the female name denoting life and "laeva” meaning “left of centre” in latin, which feels apt as we’ll be storing our La Eva bottles slightly to the left of centre on our bathroom shelf.

La Eva washes and lotions are available in 200ml and 500ml bottles, starting from £15. They are available from