We all know the cleanser, it’s that unctuous potion that kicked-off the cleansing balm trend and had us grabbing for muslin cloths. Now Eve Lom has launched a new range of anti-aging products boasting optimum amounts of the wonder ingredient: retinol. Comprising an eye, face and hand treatment, the products are never prescriptive about how and when they should be used. Instead, they can be treated as potent boosters to be worn with SPF in the day, a moisturiser in the evening and on the hands after washing.

These rich creams work at a cellular level with just the right amount of retinol, 3% to be precise – heaps more than you’ll find in drugstore anti-aging products. And the formulations are rich and creamy, containing hyaluronic acid, a whole host of vitamins as well as algae extracts to leave the skin looking plumper and improving brightness, age spots and elasticity. While bergamot and rosemary oil help to calm the skin and prevent irritation.

Eve Lom Time Retreat Face Treatment, 50ml, £75, Eye Treatment, 15ml, £50 and Hand Treatment, 50ml, £35, are availably now at Space NK.