"They" say that trends are dead. That the millennials insatiable appetite for "new things all the time now please" killed off trying to categorise any overarching themes high-end designers were trying to communicate. That's fine. But tell that to the spongy beige ring that propped up otherwise limp buns across the country for years. That trend loomed large. Giant, bulbous buns were handy if you needed to spot someone in a crowd, head and buns above the rest, but they looked like Bake Off masterpieces. However, getting a nice neat bun without the doughnut takes too much precious time, and we need help. So Olivia Crighton from Glasshouse Salon showed us how to create a low, easy style, so that early hours can be reserved for more sleep and more cereal.

In the third of our series of Good Hair Day guides, watch how to create the bun.

Want to style your own bun?