You can usually find a Lush store on any major high street or shopping mall in the UK (and increasingly worldwide). If there is one, you can usually smell it as well as see it. Whether you love or hate the distinctive smell, which originates from the naked soaps and bath products sold without any packaging, Lush and smell have become synonymously linked to anyone who's experienced the brand. If you look beyond the piles of brightly coloured bath bombs you will come across Lush's fine fragrance range which they call Gorilla Perfumes. Created in-house by both Mark (CEO and Lush co-founder) and Simon Constantine (Head Perfumer) the father and son team started Gorilla Perfumes in order to express themselves more creatively beyond just making scents for body products. Wanting to capture abstract ideas such moods, experiences or events, the pair have been prolific, releasing as many as twelve scents at time. Reflecting their love of music, which is constantly piped through their shared laboratory space based in Poole in Dorset, the releases have been structured like albums with a theme for a collection with the individual perfumes as songs. 

The majority of the fragrances can be found in-store and online but the best places to experience the whole collection are in the basement of the flagship Oxford Street store or the dedicated Gorilla Perfumes shop in Islington which is styled like a record shop rather than a Lush store. Their most recent collection released last year is called Death, Decay and Renewal and has themes of loss and endings but also new beginnings and the big circle of life. Mark and Simon spoke to Because about Gorilla Perfumes and the personal emotional history behind the two fragrances called "Dad's Garden" in the collection. 

Gorilla Perfumes are available from

Gorilla Perfumes Islington
3 Camden Passage
London N1 8EA


Text by Bora Kwon
Video editing by Matteo Alabiso