Robbie Honey is a superstar florist who conjures up floral creations for the likes of Dior and Hermes with the odd interesting wedding in between. Although claiming to be based in London, you're more likely to find him trotting around the world speaking to halls of hundreds of students in the likes of China and South Korea where floristry is revered as an art form. The hills and plants of his native Zimbabwe were where his love of nature and plants started and after some zigzagging between London and South Africa, trying his hand at farming, photography and interior design, once he discovered you could make a bona fide living from messing around with beautiful flowers, he has not looked back.

Alongside his teaching and floral creative work, he has also spent the last couple of years working on capturing the scent of flowers in wax, debuting his White Flower Candle Collection this summer. He spoke to Because about the technical challenges of recreating the essence of a flower in a candle and challenging the perfumers to satisfy his perfectionist streak.
Instagram: @robbiehoney

Text by Bora Kwon