Zara Martin is a girl on the go. As a DJ, model and TV presenter, her work takes her around the world, from modelling at New York Fashion Week to DJing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Is it any wonder that she’s perfected the art of doing her signature flicked eyeliner in a moving vehicle? “I do my make-up on the go,” she says. “A lot.”

Starting in the music industry as an intern at MTV, Zara blagged her way in front of the camera to present shows on MTV Base, and before long was pushing into the DJ booths at fashion parties. “A designer friend asked me to do his London Fashion Week party, so I lied and said, ‘Sure! I know how,’” she says. “That first time was hysterical; there were about 20 people in the booth making sure I didn’t mess up and cut out the entire music system.”

Zara is often snapped at parties and on the front row with her glossy posse of friends, which includes Millie Mackintosh and Laura Whitmore: a new breed of It girls who party hard but live clean. Zara’s Instagram feed is as likely to show her in an exercise class as it is in a club: “It would be easy for me to just go out and drink every night, and I do love vodka! But because I travel so much, being at optimum health is pretty important to be able to function.” This good-girl discipline even extends to her beauty routine. She swears, “As soon as I get home I wash my face. I’ve never been to bed with make-up on. I do wake up with a hangover sometimes and ask myself, ‘What? I did that? How on earth did I manage to cleanse?’”

As a female DJ, Zara admits, “There is pressure to look good and you want to look the part.” However, she’s pared down her make-up to “clean skin and nice eyeliner” and insists she’s low maintenance. “Working can get hot and humid and you don’t want make-up running down your face,” she says. “My favourite products are all nightlife and DJ tested.”

Her attention to looking good but getting the job done is also behind her headphone range with accessories brand Skinny Dip: “I used to rip clumps out my hair wearing massive cans, so I designed headphones that sound great but are also really light, look good and are hairdo-friendly.”

Text by Bora Kwon