Cleansing has to be the most satisfying part of your skincare routine. Off comes the dirt and debris of the day to reveal your bare faced beauty underneath. However if what's underneath is looking a bit tired and lacklustre then you need to spend a bit more time than a quick wash and go. Abigail James is the facialist extraordinaire with the Liz Earle brand, who has a long line of celebrities and beauty editors beating a path to her door for one of her signature transforming treatments. Whilst in an ideal world we'd have a facialist on hand to massage our faces back to perky, Abigail has created a DIY version exclusively for Because to make cleansing an indulgent treatment not just a chore. Watch our video to follow the easy two minute routine, using a balm cleanser such as the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which allows your fingers to glide over the skin and apply firm pressure without pulling or dragging. Practice until perfect and your skin will thank you with visible results.