Whilst the fickle and faddy amongst us will be willing to try the latest vial of mythical snake oil to primp and beautify, there are others who will find their holy grail face cream and stick to what works beautifully best. But that’s not to say that the best things don’t come to those who are consistent. Christmas is when your tried and trusted favourites get super-sized and served up in deluxe editions to add a dollop of decadence to your daily routine.


The Definitive Crème by Crème de la Mer serves up the beloved face cream in an abundant 500ml portion. At this size you can afford to be generous and lavish your hands, neck and décolletage area, the exposed areas of our skin, which age fast but don’t get the care and attention they deserve.


La Prairie has triple-sized its Caviar Luxe face cream, given it a crystal studded case, a silver serving spoon, and then housed the set in leather coffret. Whilst it’s impractical for your hand luggage, twinkling away on a dressing table it’s unlikely to be overlooked.


If size isn’t your thing then perhaps you’d prefer hand-crafted artisan flacons? Afficionados of Nina Ricci’s classic fragrances might love them a little bit more as a collection of extrait de parfum Lalique bottles in a collector’s coffret.


Even the daily staple of tea is given the luxe treatment in the world of Jo Malone. Open the hefty black laqueur Tea Trousseau and you’ll find three exclusive tea fragrances and pâtisserie inspired scented candles for the aroma if not the taste of a genteel English afternoon tea.


For those who know what they like and prefer their tried-and-tested beauty potions over the one-hit-wonder creams, the perfect gift might be an encore of more, more and more of the same, but in a luxurious decadent new outfit.