We update our wardrobes with the seasons, but how many of us wear the same face everyday? Are you putting on your make-up in the mornings bleary-eyed by robotic rote, in an attempt to look a bit better before facing the world? It is a new season so we say aim higher than "a bit better." The world stares you in the face everyday, so stare back with an updated look. Take your cue from make-up artist Kay Montano, who created these four looks inspired by the beauty trends from the autumn/winter 2012 shows.


Kay's two-stripe eye is an adaptation of the blue eye make-up seen on the models at the Prabal Gurung show. It's a strong clean look that makes an instant impact with minimal effort. The two-tone lip is an updated version of the make-up artist's trick of using a lighter lip colour in the centre of lips to create volume. Contrast creates the best effect, so choose two clashing, rather than similar, colours.


For a more understated look, try an updated version of a natural face. Don't be fooled by the natural shades. This is a full face of artfully applied make-up that looks grown-up and refined. Deepen eyes with shadow in the sockets, trace cheekbones with contour powder then highlight with a subtle shimmer. A lick of mascara, a hint of eyeliner and defined brows are a given. Keep your base as sheer as possible, and carefully blend muted neutral tones over cheek bones to give structure to the face. This make-up is a perennial favourite at the Alexander Wang shows, where the girls always look chiseled and polished.


For something more whimsical, try Kay's gothic romantic look. Dark lips are an autumn/winter classic, but choose a plum or purple tone rather than a red shade for this season's look. Team with dusty coloured shadow brushed around the eye and skip the eyeliner for a soft, hazy look.


Catwalk beauty can veer from extreme theatrics to barefaced impossibility (one thing on a model, quite another thing in real life), but there will be that one thing every season that catches your eye, makes you look again, and think "that looks nice. I must try that." Don't get stuck in beauty rut, your face deserves better.