Love, Chloe is the smell of powder. Dry, soft, subtle, familiar and comforting, hinting at cleanliness but without the sterile laundry detergent scent that is synonymous with "clean". Given that the Chloe fragrance line is created by Coty, famous for its classic face powder, it is a fortuitous meeting of minds.

Using cosmetics is a sensory experience. We like the look of it, the feel of the texture on our skin, the satisfying click of the compact and if you're wearing a powder on your face all day, it had better smell good. Beauty powders are, more often than not, scented and the smell draws people in. When looking at make-up, often our first instinct is to sniff it. Love, Chloe takes this instinct and bottles it.

It's not just a powder cloud though. Peeking through are little bunches of flowers too. Mostly roses and violets, two flowers which, surprise surprise, are often used to scent cosmetics. There are peonies, lilacs, neroli, closed pink and white roses but think small table arrangements rather than a vase of magnificent blooms. Overall Love, Chloe is a delicate, floating kind of scent. It doesn't smoulder so much as beckon gently. It's most definitely a feminine: the only way a man should wear this is rubbed off on him after skin-on-skin contact with the original wearer.

Chloe have gone for classic with this release, from the bottle, the pink shade of the juice and the familiar floral dry powder of the scent. It's a newbie release but it already looks at home sitting on the shelves with the old best sellers. Raquel Zimmerman all trussed up in her luxurious silks and soft textures definitely fits the fragrance but also brings to mind a more strident fragrance heroine from the 70s (Charlie anyone?). Whilst both women wear the trousers, Love, Chloe's are silk not polyester.